Electric Musical Walking Unicorn Plush Toy And Stuffed Animal - Great For Kids!

$34.99 $69.99


Help your child discover the magical world of play with this entertaining electrical, musical, walking unicorn plush toy!

Are you tired of your little one always complaining of being bored? Do you need a a toy that's going to keep your toddler busy? We've got the answer to your parenting prayers. Our musical, interactive unicorn plush toy sings, walks, and talks. Your kiddo will have hours of fun!

  • Adorable, Magical, and Realistic - This cute stuffed unicorn plush toy is simply adorable! It plays music, dances, and looks charming. Your child will be cuddling this toy all day long. it even comes with a darling little leash so your kiddo can "walk" it! It's just like a real pet!
  • Moves, Grooves, and Whinnies - This adorable toy doesn't just play music and gallop, but it also whinnies like a real horse! Watch it shake it's booty, too! Your kids will experience pure joy and excitement from this toy.
  • Great for Bedtime - Does your child like to cuddle a stuffy during bed or nap time? This soft plush is the PERFECT slumber companion.
  • Personalize Your Color - Our plush unicorn toy comes in a variety of colors. Choose your child's favorite shade or buy them all!