High Frequency Facial Beauty Device - Easy to Use & Works Great!

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Take your skincare regimen to new heights when you use our High Frequency Facial Beauty Device! This simple tool enhances the beauty of your skin and leaves your complexion looking flawless. It literally reverses the signs of aging!


  • COMPLETE SKIN CARE SYSTEM - Our High Frequency Facial Beauty Device amplifies cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis to slow the aging process which to younger looking skin.
  • KILLS BACTERIA - The spot treatment tip coupled with high frequency vibes kills the bacteria that is located directly under the skin. This boosts cellular energy and reduces inflammation. Low bacteria on the skin lessens the instance of developing acne.
  • ENHANCES APPEARANCE OF SKIN - Our system specializes in different areas of skin therapy and can enhance the health of your skin. Our device is known to plump. smooth, and boost blood circulation.
  • 4 ELECTRODES - You can choose the different electrodes to treat any problem - mushroom tube for broad area treatment; tongue tube for sensitive areas; Bend tube for spot areas; Comb tube for stimulating scalp circulation.
  • 4 TREATMENT METHODS: The device can operate on different modes depending on your needs - indirect high frequency, direct high frequency, hair care method, and spark method.