Controller Accessories Pad

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This awesome Controller Accessories Pad for you whether you're professional or amateur gamers and casual. It helps increase the range of motion of the controller and maximizing flexibility, accuracy, and grip. Featuring high-quality ABS material and fit for Sony PlayStation 4 / PS4 Slim / PS4 Pro Controller. You will love this as it helps increase the speed and improve accuracy when playing the game using PlayStation. Perfect four-finger operation. In the game, the two triggers on the top of the handle are responsible for aiming and shooting. You can quickly open the aiming magnifier and then shoot the enemy while moving and aiming. Get ready to experience the real game feel with the integrated handle controller! Lets you feel more comfortable and not tired during the game!


Help to hit the L2 and R2 buttons fairly easily; Increase the button response for games.

Perfect for people with big hands; Rest your fingers; Helps with trigger grip and ergonomics.

No skills needed, just install on original L2 R2.


  • Soft Silicone Gel Rubber Case Cover
  • Different Handles
  • Different Buttons
  • More personal style

1 X R2 L2 Trigger Extenders